project flow

Flow discharge and three-dimensional flow structure is measured using an acoustic Doppler current profiler (aDcp). Flow structure is measured at different stages of the tidal cycle at orientated survey lines in key localities within the TIFZ.

Echo intensity returns from both the multi-beam echo sounder (MBES), and aDcp are used to provide concurrent estimates of suspended sediment flux during the surveys. Both the aDcp and MBES water column backscatter echo intensity are used to measure grain size, and hence concentration, and thus quantify the extent of flocculation in the vertical. Accurate and precise boat and point positioning is provided using RTK dGPS.

Example Output

Setting up the aDcp at the dock before leaving to survey a cross-section.

Dan Parsons setting up the aDcp before moving to the measurement cross-section. The head of the aDcp is visible in the foreground resting on the side of the boat