This project benefits from the expertise, guidance and spirit of cooperation shown to us from the following persons and organisations. Without their considerable help this project would not be possible. Any shortcomings of this project remain our sole responsiblity and not those of the organisations and individuals listed below.

  • Antonio Bapitista
  • & the CMOP team
  • Stephen Schoonmaker
  • Kristen Wilkin
  • JoAnn Zahn
  • Katie Rathmell
  • Michael Wilkin
  • Keith Marcoe
  • Pat Killion

Tansy Point boat driver and local expert on the ever-changing conditions in the Columbia River Estuary

  • Bert Jagers
  • Howard Feldman
  • Patricia Montoya
  • Jacob Macdonald
  • Michael Ott
  • Greg Fuhrer
  • Jim O'Connor
  • Ryan Jackson
  • Kevin Johnson
  • Douglas Yeskis