output: sedimentology data

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) image of Jubilee bar. Flow is into the screen. Characteristic radar facies (RF) have been identified and are used to classify the GPR profiles. The subsurface of this km-long, tidally-influenced sand bar is dominated by undular reflections (RF2) associated with 2D and 3D dunes together with some high-angle reflections (RF1) produced by avalanche-face deposition at the bar margin. Low-angle surfaces (RF3) are also present and are indicative of lateral accretion surfaces. Near the bar top concave reflectors (RF4) associated with channel-fill deposits are identified. A grid of down and cross-stream GPR lines allows reconstruction of the 3D alluvial architecture of these large sand bars.

GPR profile collected perpendicular to flow on Jubilee bar.