output: flow data

Two cross-sections of flow (into the screen) through a 12 m-deep main channel, approximately 13 km upstream of Astoria in the fluvial-tidal zone: (a) after the peak flood tide showing upstream flow in the deeper channel, (b) at the peak ebb tide showing strong velocities throughout the channel, (c) flow-vectors near the peak flood tide showing upstream flow within the deepest channel, (d) at peak ebb tide the flow-vectors are strongly downstream across the channel. The ADCP data are used to verify spatial and temporal pattern of flow velocities obtained from a hydrodynamic numerical model (DELFT3D) of the Columbia River Estuary. The calibrated and verified model will then be used to investigate characteristic flow patterns beyond the scope of the measured data.

ADCP data collected near Miller Sands showing flow velocity direction and magnitude across a range of tidal conditions.